The slow pace

Eiger Gallery

A few weeks ago we met our friend Alba at the London Design Museum cafeteria.  After a cup of coffee (properly instagrammed here) and a little bit of chit chat, she introduced us to her new project. Alba is quite the creative type, so we expected something original, unique. And she didin’t disappoint. Together with Terence Woodgate, designer of lighting and furniture, Alba Bayona is taking jewellery to the next level.

Eiger Gallery Jewellery has gathered eight of the most outstanding designers in the world to create both capsule collections and single precious pieces that celebrate inter-disciplinary originality. Different approaches to jewellery that translate into unconventional, surprising and always unique creations.

Tomoko Azumi’s  bracelets, inspired by a Swiss postage stamp, Mike Dempsy’s happy colourful earrings, Hannah Martin’s knot necklace and earrings, Michael Marriot’s oto pendant, Ben Kelly’s Don’t fence me in bracelets, Chiara Ferrari’s powerful rings, Terence Woodgate’s stackable sphere rings and Sebastian Wrong’s bug pendants surprised us with their elegance and personality. Definitely, this is not your average jewelllery.

After getting to know this beautifully different collection we realized that the Design Museum was the perfect scenario to discover Eiger Gallery! Well played, Alba, well played ;)