The slow pace

Michael Kors Fall Winter 2015

We loved his Pre-Fall 2014 and we adored his Spring Summer 2015 collection, so it’s not surprise that we just can’t stop looking at Michael Kors’ Fall / Winter 2015 collection. How can he mix the tomboy vibes with an elegant 30’s charm so beautifully?

Most of the looks reminded me of my grandma’s old pictures. She would travel across Europe (sometimes with three little kids) all dressed up but still comfortable in flats. The tailoring in this collection looks really similar to what she would carry around in her suitcase.  Obviously, Michael Kors has updated that post-war silhouette but has kept that sober elegance.

Those rich coats, the oxfords, the fur stoles and capes are  a dream come true for any Autumn lover. I love the fabrics, so serious and decorous but still so rich.

And don’t you think some of these looks would look very nice paired with Stan Smiths for an updated twist?

We absolutely adore every single look.

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