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DIY Christmas Cards

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas card DIY!!! Last year you really liked our Christmas cards so we thought: why not share again the easiest DIY ever? I’m not particularly crafty. In fact, I’m quite clumsy but every year, one afternoon at the end of November, I play Christmas carols and make our Christmas cards. I’d say that’s one of my favorite moments of the year. It’s not a secret: I love Christmas! And this is the only time of the year when I feel like using washi tape and that makes me feel connected with the world. Seriously, what other use can you give to washi tape?

This year I was inspired by a window display in one of my favorite stores. First I saw the colors: mint, dark green and grey. Then I saw the motifs: pines and stars. And then I knew I had to use washi tape. That’s a must. So this is the result. You just need those things plus a cute piece of string and little bit of glue. And good quality paper. I said it last year and I’ll say it again: good paper says you care.

I know, I know, they are not perfect. But that’s the point. I know that our friends and family will see us when they receive them. I hope they know that we thought about them and try to arrange something pretty. If the result is not perfect, it’s because we made them! (By the way, P. you could have photoshopped that corner there!!! Umpf…) Some tips: once you have the colors and motifs, just play with them. Buy a couple of extra cards and envelopes in case you make a mistake (I make lots of them, but that’s part of the fun!) Don’t take it too seriously… I love singing along the Christmas carols I play while DIYing and sometimes that causes mistakes. But that’s ok. My friends and family won’t mind (at least I hope so. If you have received one of these and it’s an epic fail… sorry!)
I used one of the long decorative toothpicks we usually reserve for olives and Spritz to apply the glue accurately. I’m sure there are crafty special tools for that, but that’s what we got at home!So this is our really easy DIY. Maybe it inspires you to create your own Christmas cards? Maybe it makes you laugh because you are a DIY pro and you find these awful? (Please leave your pro tips in the comment section below!) In any case, we love them and since we have already sent our Christmas cards I think it’s appropriate to wish you a very merry Christmas already!!! Let the fun begin!