The slow pace

Charlotte Tilbury or the art of selling

Do you remember that yesterday we told you we looked for shelter in Selfridges? Well, it wasn’t pure chance… I may have fooled P. to come with me to the Charlotte Tilbury corner. I just wanted to have a look, you know, just for fun… And then this happened. I bought two (not one, two! I know, shame on me…) Colour Chameleon eye shadow pencils. If you haven’t heard from these eye shadows before let me brief you: there are two shades for every eye color (day and night) and they are buttery, perfect for blending and once they are set, they just don’t move. Since my eyes are perfectly boring brown I picked the Dark pearl shade. That’s the day option for brown eyes. It’s a juicy taupe color with a slighly shimmery finish. I would even say that it has a touch of purple. Then, the lovely make up artist who was helping me asked me if I wanted to try bronzed garnet. And I did. Big mistake. That’s the day color for green eyes, but it sure looked beautiful for brown eyes too. Warm, bronzed and golden. So they both came home with me.

If you have tiny eyes like I do, you need an eye liner to make your eyes a little bigger… And that lovely make up artist showed me the Rock’n’kohl eye liner. At this point I didn’t know if that boy was really helpful or a nightmare to my credit card. He was probably both. Anyway, I ended up buying the Barbarella Brown because it was the perfect match for me and because that name made brown looked bad ass. It looks like a pencil but has a strange liquid eye liner finish. And it doesn’t move. You have to blend it fast because once it’s there, it remains there. 

And what’s the cherry on top when it comes to eye make up? Mascara. And yes, I added the Full Fat Mascara to my shopping bag. Please don’t think I’m a beauty addict (which I am). This time the make up artist was to blame. He did my make up and was very nice. That hadn’t happened before. I’m that girl all shop assistants ignore. The one who never gets the free sample, the one that wants to buy her weight in something but ends up empty handed because no one will notice her behind the counter. So if that boy was treating me like a VIP, I was going to buy everything. I was lucky he didn’t show me anything more…  Here you have a little glimpse of my eye after the unexpected make up session. The trick is to draw a line with your Colour Chameleon eye shadow along the lash line and blend upwards. You don’t need a brush, just use your clean fingers. Then draw a thin line with the Rock’n’kohl eye liner and blend if you want a sultry smoky eye, or add a tiny flick for a more polished look. Do you like it?
Oh and I got a complementary make up bag!!! I think next time I visit London I will go back to the Charlotte Tilbuty’s corner. You know, just for fun…

PS. I’m wearing YSL nail polish in Pablo.