The slow pace

Amsterdam: the sunset

After a whole day of exploring, we decided to hop on a boat at sunset. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. We were exhausted but we curled up in an almost empty boat and enjoyed a peaceful, quiet cruise that showed us Amsterdam from another angle. The water was calm and we felt that we were the only ones wandering through the canals.

The light started to fade, the sky turned golden, then pink and finally grey until the city became silent. The sound of water lapping against the boat was the perfect soundtrack to finish our first day in Amsterdam.

The tiny lights iluminating the bridges changed the whole atmosphere. What a magical city…

If you visit Amsterdam don’t hesitate to board in one of these cruises. We recommend to wait until the end of the day. It will felt like you have the canals just for you and the city will change in front of your eyes from hectic to peaceful.