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Chicken caesar cornets

Chicken Caesar Cornets_3

We’ve been eating these cornets almost every night since we decided to try the recipe. They are super easy to prepare… and that’s exactly what we want after a long day at the office, a spinning class and a super long phone call with our mothers.  This is more or less a salad in a wrap. So it’s healthy but has that naughty fast food feel to it.
Chicken Caesar Cornets_2You will need (makes 4):

175 g cold grilled chicken, shredded
50 g organic mayonnaise (you can add a little bit of garlic but we prefer not to)
50 g flaked Parmesan cheese
100 g green salad
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
4 soft corn tortillas

The process can’t be easier: pull all the ingredients (except the tortillas, obviously) in a bowl and mix well. Then spoon your mixture on your tortillas and try to fold them. I’m not very specific, I know, but try your best because it’s tricky. And that’s part of the fun!

Chicken Caesar Cornets_1We found this recipe in this book.


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