The slow pace

Weekend style icons: Shini

Hello there! How was your weekend? Ours has had up & downs… being my mum’s visit a super up and me being sick a super down. Anyway! Here you have some amazing style inspiration for the weekend. I’m sure you all know her, but for those who live under a rock and don’t… Meet Shini from the absolutely perfect blog Park & Cube!


She is by far one of our favourite bloggers. Not only because of her sense of style (which by the way is awesome) but also for her photograps (beyond beautiful), her London recommendations (the coolest) and her travel posts (envy envy envy).

Heels or flats. She looks effortlesly cool either way. But well, you know us… we always prefer flats!

More images and inspiration on her blog Park & Cube

Have a lovely weekend!!!