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Weekend Style Icons: Irina

Another Friday, another casual inspiration post. This girl is amazing and one of my favourite bloggers right now. This is Irina from A portable Package. Be prepared for lots of pictures after the jump!

She has an amazing effortles cool style, don’t you think? First of all: I love hair messy dark hair. Messy hair don’t care. That is a popular hashtag, no? Anyway, I love her beautiful coats, her strategic pops of colour and how she uses textures. But for me she is a total inspiration when it comes to jeans + shirt + sweater. That is my favourite combination (and my absolute go to style) and she does it wonderfully.

The coats. I told you. And let’s take a look at more jeans + shirt + sweater combos.

More images and inspiration on her blog, A portable Package.
Happy weekend!