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Atrium, Bremen

This weekend we payed a visit to a restaurant we’ve wanted to try for a few weeks. I had the opportunity to interview the owner for my last article in El Viajero and since then I was super curious. This restaurant has a little gourmet shop in the front where you can buy thousands of delicatessen from the Mediterranean area. Back in the dining room, you can enjoy delicious dishes in a truly charming atmosphere.

We had been to the farmers market that morning and we had succumbed to a hanful of fresh roasted nuts, still warm, beautifully salted… Big mistake before trying a new restaurant, I know. But we just couldn’t resist. That’s why when we arrived to the restaurant we weren’t that hungry. We chose two main dishes, no starters this time. Since we loved the place, we will be back so we can order all the starters. No worries.
Nevertheless, we enjoyed the little appetizer they brought to the table with the drinks: home made bread with and olive, pepper and tomato tapenade.
P. chose Spaghetti alle Vongole and I chose the Branzino. Both were spectacular, but I have to admit that those spaghetti were the best ones we’ve ever tried outside Italy. No, I’m not exaggerating. When P. let me taste her dish I was shocked. The sauce was soft, delicate but still had a final spicy punch at the end of your palate. Just like mi grandmother used to prepare them. It brought back so many memories…
As you can see, the portion was quite generous. But since the sauce was so subtle and light the whole plate just disappear in no time. Even after having eaten a fair amount of nuts in the farmers market before ;) Sadly, this dish was on the menu just that day…
My dish was light but full of flavour. The fish was cooked perfectly with a hint of butter and beautifully seasoned with natural rosemary. The vegetables had a nice mustard dressing and I particulary liked the carrots, boiled but still crunchy.
Since I ate such a light main dish, I obviously ordered dessert. Even though all they desserts looked amazing, I went for the Valrhona chocolate mousse with raspberry and mango coulis. That’s a frequent flavour combination, I know, but it always surprises me. It’s so good… although the mousse was perfect on its own.

So if you happen to be in Bremen, please visit this amazing place. We can’t recommend it enough. Look for a window full of Italian specialties. That’s the gourmet shop. Go in and walk towards the back and you will find the charming bistro. It’s hidden but it’s so worthy!
Vor dem Steintor 34
28203 Bremen
Tel: 00 49 (0) 421 / 70 23 23
If you want to go for dinner, you better book in advance!

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