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Mulberry Willow Tote


I’m still searching for my it bag. It has to be beautiful and practical with a classic touch. Not too trendy because I see it as an investment and I’m all for timeless pieces. The Givenchy Antigona bag was high on my list, but the Celine Phantom bag and Loewe’s Amazona are always on my mind. Well, now I have a new candidate. The Mulberry Willow Tote. It’s the perfect bag if you love travelling like I do. You have a tote and a clutch that you can carry together! Genius! Two bags in one! Imagine: you carry your tote to wander through the street markets and then you have a super nice clutch for a fun night out! Let’s see… It’s beautiful, practical and a bit classic: Do we have a winner?


Image via Mulberry


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