Year: 2012


Everytime we visit London we want to attend a musical… but we fail every time! Late shopping, yummy restaurants, nice clubs or comfy hotel beds with fantastic room service distract us from our goal… Buuu! I’m a huge Glee fan (and proud of it!) and since Rachel and Kurt performed Ding dong! The Witch is dead from Wicked I really want to see that musical in action. It would be a great plan for the holidays, don’t you think? Our London adventures if you’d like to see…

Christmas decor

Good morning! How was your weekend? We visited the Christmas market, had a French cinema Sunday afternoon and ate our weights in chocolate. It was a  great weekend :-) Our home is finally full of Christmas spirit. It’s warmer, cosier and brighter than ever! We decided that this year our decorations would be white and blue with warm wooden details, but the traditional bright red is inevitable! We’re very happy with the result. Adventkranz, another German tradition that we have adopted. Little pine cones in our Villeroy & Boch cake stand. Christmas tree and a lovely reindeer who has been with us for almost ten years.

Liassidi Palace, Venezia

A couple of years ago my wife surprised me with the most wonderful present that she could ever give me: a weekend get away to Venice just before Christmas. She knows that I’m totally in love with Venice since I was a child and spent the most amazing Summers there with my mother. She knows that I love Christmas. And she knows that Castello is my favourite neighborhood in Venice. So she booked the enchanting Liassidi Palace Hotel, a boutique hotel. Everything was just perfect: perfect location – closed to San Marco but away from the tourists crowds -, perfect timing – a week before the crazy Christmas week -,  and perfect atmosphere. Do you want to have a look?

Banjo & Matilda

Did you know Banjo & Matilda? I have to say that I have never heard about them but now I just love them. This Aussie brand makes ultra soft cashmere jumpers with lovely and funny designs taht are perfect for real life. You can have a look at their designs here

Art Basel Miami Beach

I would love to visit Art Basel in Miami Beach! The most important art show in America will take place this week from Thursday to Sunday. I would go, but like I told you yesterday, Saint Nicholas is coming on Thursday so my schedule is absolutely packed! ;-) Now, seriously, you should go if you have the opportunity. Art video nights, documentaries, the amazing Art Basel conversations and, of course, exhibitions where you can learn a lot. That’s what I love about this kind of events: if you forget insecurities and complexes and you dare to ask and you listen, you can learn a lot from all the experts that gather around outstanding art. More information here. Image via Art Basel. Candida Höfer: Panthéon Paris I. Yvon Lambert. And here the day I discovered I liked contemporary art :-)

Saint Nicholas is coming!

This Thursday Saint Nicholas is coming! He will bring sweets and small treats and gifts. Great German tradition, if you ask me. Wake up to a nice pair of shoes full of chocolates is a wonderful idea, don’t you think? For those who want to adopt this adorable tradition, here you have our sweetest suggestion: Summerbird and Galler chocolates. We discovered both brands the first time we visited Hamburg. Since then, every time we visit this lovely city we come back home with a bag full of deliciousness, as you can see in the picture :-). I totally recommend the Summerbird nougat covered almonds and Galler mini bars, specially the white chocolate with walnut praline filling. Not only have both brands excelent quality products, but also gorgeous packaging. You will make Saint Nicholas really proud! We usually buy these chocolates at Oschätzen Hamburg, but maybe you could find them in your favourite gourmet shop. Ask for them! You won’t regret it!

In my suitcase: cosy Christmas jumper

I can’t imagine a Christmas suitcase without huge cosy Christmas jumpers. They are nice and comfortable and you just wonder if you could always live in them, but then you remember your beautiful blazers and tops and know that Christmas jumpers are perfect but just for Christmas. It’s just like staying with your parents at Christmas, great but just for Christmas, right? Anyway, this one in the picture is from Lot78, but I couldn’t pick up only one, so here you have my selection.

What should I do during a massage?

Yesterday I went to the Spa to get my back massaged. It was a present that I got on my birthday and that’s the only reason I went for it. I know massages are supposed to be relaxing but I find them very stressful. I just feel uncomfortable, shy and really nervous. And what do I do when I get nervous? Talk. So there I am: lying seminaked, with my face stuck in some sort of hole, almost suffocated by a towel and talking talking talking. I always wonder how people relax in that situations! Do you? Don’t you feel like you have to say something or create a bond with the person who is touching you? I mean, that gets intimate sometimes! Once a friend of mine got me a full body scrub massage in a very fancy Spa as a birthday present and although it was supposed to be an incredible experience, really exclusive and luxurious, I had a terrible time because I didn’t know what to do while the lady was scrubbing my… …

The Kooples

The Kooples is one of our favourite brands. We discovered its über cool style during our first trip to Paris a few years ago and sice then we just can’t get enough of it! The Autumn / Winter collection 2012 is just perfect. The fabrics, the sober colours and the cuts are fantastic. They also have very warm coats, so if you live in a cold cold cold city like us, you should give them a try. You can have a look at the collection and maybe buy a little something for you (Oh, c’mon! It’s almost Christmas ;-) )here More lines and pieces we need here