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Happy New Year!!!!

31 Dec

happy new year

The slow pace wish you a healthy happy 2013!!!
Here’s to love and lots of travels!!!

E & P


31 Dec


January 1st: Every year when I was a child I would wake up early, have breakfast with my grandmother and then sit in front of the TV to watch the Vienna Philharmonic New Year concert with my grandfather. Afterwards I would daydream about attending the concert one day, sitting next to a Japanese lady in a gorgeous kimono, and clapping hands to the Radetzky March following the instructions of one of the best conductors in the world.

Now that my grandparents are gone I keep this tradition alive, although without them is not the same… Anyway, I still daydream about visiting Vienna on New Year’s Eve and attending the concert in a Valentino dress if possible. I hope one day this dream will come true! (Including the Valentino dress please). Last year I visited the Musikverein, not the New Year concert, but still it was beautiful. I’m a step closer, I guess!!

So, if you don’t party too much on New Year’s Eve and love a good concert, I highly recommend watching the concert with a nice breakfast. It’s the best way to start the year!

In case you actually want to go to Vienna and attend the concert (lucky you!) you can get all the information (programm, how to get your tickes, etc) here.


PS: Our tips for a long weekend in Vienna.


28 Dec


I love tiny jewelry. Well, I love jewelry in general but since I’m quite petite (I’ve been called Willow… so you get the picture) statement jewelry doesn’t look very nice on me. Anywho… Since I discovered Catbird I’ve been wanting one (meaning several) of their pieces.

This one in the picture is my fave. You can order it here.

But there is more…

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2012, we made it!

26 Dec


2012 was a loooong year. Lots of things happened, good and not as good. But we made it! Since our favourite thing in the world is travelling, we have chosen some pics of our travels to sum up this year. We hope you like it!

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Merry Christmas!!!!!

24 Dec

feliz navidad

Merry Christmas!!!!!

We hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends!!!!

The slow pace

Image via Pinterest


23 Dec


Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts but we’ve been travelling and working late. Now we’re in Spain enjoying some quality time with family and friends. Good times!
Some weeks ago I told you that we were huge Clarins fans so I though I might as well show you which products we use. Maybe you can get some last minute Christmas present ideas or use this information to pamper yourself a little bit during the holidays.

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German marbled cake

17 Dec


Good morning! How was your weekend? We were preparing our suitcases for Christmas like crazy, but still we found time to prepare a German marbled cake. This is a super comforting cake that everyone will love during dark cold Winter afternoons with a glass of milk. And it’s really easy to prepare!

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In my suitcase: a nice dress

14 Dec


I’m leaving on Sunday, so this is the end of In my suitcase series – Chistmas edition. And the best way to finish these series is with a nice holiday dress, don’t you think? It’s the perfect cherry on top! This is a dress that I received just today. I have to admit that Chriselle gave me the idea. I saw it on her blog and I bought it immediately. It’s girly, super warm and has lovely festive vibe without being too Christmassy.

You can buy it (on sale!) here.

Other items in my suitcase, if you’d like to see:
The perfect PJs
Chistmas jumpers
Gorgeous earrings
And a warm tartan scarf

My favourite necklace

13 Dec


A few months ago my mother surprised me with this beautiful tiny necklace. I have to say that I have a soft spot for statement necklaces, but this simple fine number has been my favourite since I saw it on Elle. And even more, since I got it! Thanks mum!

Necklace by Aristocrazy

Chelsea boots

12 Dec


In case you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world lately, I have a big announcement to you: Oxblood is THE COLOUR this Winter. So, in my search for the perfect warm flat winter boots (not UGGs please) I think I have found the perfect candidate to style my feet this season: These chelsea boots from Topshop are comfy, super cool aaaaand they have them in Oxblood (or burgundy as I called it my whole life). Nice, right? Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that it doesn’t snow too much this Winter :-/


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