Month: August 2012

Isabel Marant sneackers

I hated these shoes. I found them horrible. I thought it was a horrible trend that I would never wear… But now I need them and HAVE to have them. Well, I guess this confirms that I have no personality at all, after seeing them everywhere now I want them too. I’m weak. No personality. I know. But still. The thing is that there are thousands of fakes, but I found them terrible. There is just one Spanish brand, Hakei, that has made a nice version, but I live in Germany and they don’t sell online so… What should I do? Buy the originals? Image via: Net-a-porter

Our week by the sea

Today it rains and I’m wearing a sweater… Fall is here way too soon. Fine by me! I love Fall, but it seems incredible that just two weeks ago we had the most amazing time with our friends in the south of Spain. We rented a house in a very charming little village and we spent the most relaxing and funny weekend. I thought we could share with you.

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend? We had a very lazy Friday afternoon, spent all Saturday shopping in Hamburg and finished our weekend with an amazing workout on Sunday. Yay! We went to the gym! We don’t feel guilty about those delicious milkshakes any more! By the way, milkshakes, sun and a lovely terrace in Hamburg harbour are the best mix to enjoy the last days of Summer. Tomorrow we’re leaving again, you will discover our destination next week ;-) In the meantime, we have prepared the last post about our holidays in Spain. Stay tuned!


Madrid is one of the greatest places to be. I know that most people prefer Barcelona, and yes, it is a lovely city, but I’m a huge fan of Madrid. During our holidays we visited Madrid too and today I wanted to show you two wonderful terraces where you can have a drink, something to eat and listen to nice music during Madrid’s perfect and warm Summer evenings. The first picture was taken in Parque de Atenas. This place is just so cool. The music is fantastic and the views are amazing: not only because the staff is gorgeous, but also because it is placed down below the Royal Palace at the bottom of the Campo del Moro. Perfect location. The second place I wanted to show you is completely different. It is called El Espejo and it is romantic, charming and decadent. Placed in Paseo de Recoletos, in front of the magnificent Biblioteca Nacional de España, it is a lovely terrace with piano live music with the most amazing and funny mix of clients. Lovely old ladies, hipsters, …


Our first stop this Summer was Málaga. A friend of ours has an amazing apartment there and we spent five days with her. We had a great time. We sunbathed, read lots and lots of magazines (Elle, Vogue, Grazia… you name it!) and relaxed. I was very proud of myself because I even got up early a couple of days and went running!! This first picture was taken one of those mornings. It was fantastic: silence, gentle and fresh sea breeze and a clear conscience (after running it doesn’t matter how many ice creams you have eaten the previous day, right?)

Holidays are over…

We have been travelling for a month, it has been amazing but all good things come to an end! Anyway, this amazing heatwave is giving us the feeling that Summer is not over and we still have lots of things to do. This week we will show you a bunch of pictures of our holidays. Basically we have spent lots of time in our sunbeds, drunk way too much Mojitos, eaten awesome food and had the most amazing time with our families and friends. Now we are back to work and have great plans for the next weeks. The north of Italy and London are waiting for us!!! What can I say? We love to stay at home… but travelling is what makes us happy!!