Month: June 2012

In my suitcase: shorts

So, we already have the perfect white dress and the perfect sandals… Let’s add another key item in our Summer suitcase: the perfect shorts. Lately I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers wear Romwe clothes. I’ve never visited this web, so I thought it would be nice to look for my shorts there and see what they’ve got.


I love travelling with my wife. It’s my favourite thing in the world. We always say that the best part of our wedding was the opportunity to make an extraordinary trip in our honeymoon! In a perfect world we would be always travelling… We love to explore new places, learn new things, eat yummy food and hit all the shops we find in our way. But there are lots of countries where we simply can’t go because we are a gay couple. We could get hurt, go to prison or even get killed (we’re talking about death penalty here… death penalty!). Africa is almost forbidden for us… It’s sad and unfair. We’re missing a wonderful world… I respect every belief and family and I deserve to be respected too and feel safe like everyone else does. That’s all I have to say about this. Tomorrow I will be back with pretty clothes, wonderful restaurants and all those nice things that make the world even nicer ;-). Image via The Huffington Post

We’re back!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for the lack of posts but we’ve been working like crazy and my mum came to visit and for me… family comes first! So we’ve been taking long walks, trying new restaurants and shopping shopping shopping! But we’re back! Stay tuned!

Les Roulottes de Campagne

I hate camping. I do. I guess I’m too old for that. Or too picky. Or both. But I love being in contact with nature and camping gets you closer to nature that any other kind of vacation… No more worries!!! I have found the best solution!! Rent a wonderful Roulotte in France. This web offers you different Roulottes to rent in the most amazing places in France. The perfect boho-chic destination, don’t you think?

Gran Vía, Madrid

I love Madrid, I think it’s a fantastic city. I’ve spent the most amazing years there and I always love to come back. One of my favourite things to do in Madrid is walk all the way from Plaza de Cibeles to Plaza de España, that is, enjoying the heart of Madrid: Gran Vía. I would like to share with you my favourite shops, restaurants and clubs along this wonderful street.

La oliva nera, Venezia

Today I’m sharing with you our favourite restaurant in Venice. La oliva nera is the perfect small and charming osteria. The food is beyond amazing: traditional Venetian food with a modern touch. We always pay a visit every time we go to Venice and it’s always excelent.

Istanbul… lovely memories…

Istanbul is warm, chaotic and mysterious, but it’s also unexpectedly cool. To be honest, I had lots of prejudices but I discovered a city that was the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. I loved the strangely silent atmosphere of the port, the enigmatic Bosphorus sunsets, the long nights dancing on rooftops, the quiet conversations in amazing restaurants overlooking the beautiful mosques, the smell of leather and spices in the Grand Bazaar, the sound of the Ezan… I want to go back.