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Andrea Pansa, Amalfi

30 Apr

That was probably the best Tiramisu that I’ve ever eaten.

The best thing you can do a rainy afternoon in Amalfi is visit Andrea Pansa and try their delicious pastries. The place is beautiful, comfortable and charming.

Their sweet recipes are delightful, the white china coffee services are lovely and the table linens are exquisite.

I also recommend the Lemon delight. It was unexpectedly good!


28 Apr

We would love to visit Bruges. In my imagination it’s a magical place with misterious little streets. I imagine long walks, a quite atmosphere and crispy cold wind, mist and faint light. Continue reading


26 Apr

Mykonos is just wonderful. We spent six days going from beach to beach, no make up, no heels, no rush, no clock… it was all about great food, wonderful landscapes and kind people. Since it was already October the island was almost deserted: perfection.

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From Athens to Mykonos

25 Apr

… And back to our greek adventures! We had spent a wonderful time in Athens, but we had a wedding to attend, so we took a train and headed north. We were so excited! Greek weddings are so famous that we couldn’t wait to get to the small village in the middle of nowhere where the wedding was taking place. We spent 4 hours in a very nice train, although when we first saw it we thought it was going to be awful! Greek trains are like German or Italian trains: not very nice on the outside but quite comfortable on the inside! This is a picture of the landscape through the train window.

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23 Apr

We love japanese food, so when this restaurant opened its doors in our city we were more than happy. We booked a table and well… it was love at first sight! Since then, it’s our favorite restaurant in Bremen. Last Saturday we ate there and took some photos to show you.

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20 Apr

Athens is a great city. A bit chaotic and noisy but hey, it has the Parthenon! We have been there a couple of times, but the last time was amazing. We were invited to a real Greek wedding, so we took a couple of weeks off work and spent the most amazing time in Greece.

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19 Apr

Clean waters

Amazing beach clubs where you get everything you need without leaving your sunbed

Deserted beaches

Wonderful places to relax…

We love life! (in Greece)

PS: A post of our Greek adventures comming soon!!!


18 Apr

I’m longing for Summer!!! Have you seen the ERES Swimwear collection? I love its perfect cuts and powerful colors. I’ve always thought that looking elegant and glamorous with a two piece was quite difficult but this photo shows that it really is possible! It reminds me of Esther Wiliams!

Image via ERES


17 Apr

We hate choosing a travel destination… It’s always so painful!! There are so many nice places we want to visit that choosing just one is really hard for us!! We want to plan a relaxing long weekend in May but we just can’t decide where to go! We live in the north of Germany and that makes a warm destination very difficult to find… flight conexions are awful here!

Do your have any suggestions? Can anyone out there help us?


16 Apr

Going out for breakfast is one of may favourite things in the world. I love trying different types of breakfast wherever I go and the last weeks in Seville I ate one of the best breakfast EVER at Bar El Comercio

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