Month: March 2012


Tomorrow we are starting our two week holidays, yey! We really need these looks!! Total denim plus pastel color ballerinas!! Perfect for sightseeing, having a delicious breakfast al fresco and hitting every possible shop! So looking forward to everything that is waiting for us!!! Image via J.Crew

MUSIC! Everywhere you go…

Look what we’ve bought! How cute are these headphones? We love music, that’s why we always take music with us. Every trip we make ends up with its own song, wether we like it or not… Afterwards, every time we listen to that song it brings back lovely memories to our minds. Does this happen to you too?


Two Summers ago we made an impulsive decision (I rarely do this kind of things… I’m a control freak) and took a last minute trip to Barcelona. It was August so imagine the heat and humidity… but we had a wonderful time. This city is great!

Sweet or salty?

This Friday we’re going on vacation!! That’s great, but it also means that we will be trapped in two different airports for hours. So I decided to prepare a nice snack to make the waiting sweeter. What about these chocolate – cheesecakes squares? I allways go for sweet, if you ask me. Are a sweet or a salty person? Image via Martha Stewart You can get the recipe there!


How cute are these shoes? I love them… That khaki color goes with practically everything! I will buy then also in navy, yellow and red. They look so comfy, relaxed and cool! Perfect for travel! Image via SUPERGA


Travemünde is a small seaside village in the north of Germany. We spent just an afternoon there. It was a windy day in late August, It wasn’t warm, but it was nice enough to take a stroll along the beach with our friends.


We are always looking for the perfect snack: something yummy to take with us in our trips. Looking for new sandwich recipes, I’ve found this avocado and ham sandwich. It looks amazing! And it’s so easy to prepare! You just cut a baguette, stir some mustard with butter and pepper, spread it on the bread, layer some slices of ham and avocado, add a pich of sea salt… and you’re good to go!! Images and recipe via DELISH


Cascais was a fishing village but since 19th century it has attracted visitors in search of the sea and the sand. Like most of the small villages on the coasts of Europe, it has turned into a turistic destination full of cafes, restaurants and shops. Anyway, it still preserves some of its previous charm.