We need this! Hats

1 Oct

We love hats, but we almost never wear them. We told you before: we are lazy dressers. Plus I’m a bit paranoic and I’m always thinking that my hat will fly away as soon as I go out the door. Wind is always an issue here. Very convenient for sustainable energy strategies, but really annoying for fashionable ones. Anyway, since I’m determined to make an effort this season and step out of my confort zone I’ve been browsing the Internet looking for the perfect hat to dress up my Autumn looks. I will blue-tack it to my head if necessary. See? I’m determined. These are the candidates:

1. This hat reminds me of young Sissi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. I used to love those films when I was a child. I always wanted to look like Romy Schneider. The beautiful montains in Bayern, crispy air, rosy cheeks and gorgeous little hats. Pretty expensive, though.

2. Since I’m all for monochromatic looks this season, this hat could be a key basic piece to upgrade my looks. Besides, it has an Italian ganster vibe, don’t you think?

3. The investment piece. This is a classic. It can’t get better than that.

4.  I find this color very flattering and it could be the perfect twist for an all black outfit, no? A little bit floppy, it has a nice 70’s feeling to it.

5. This beauty could be my favourite. I saw it in a magazine and I can’t stop thinking about it.

6. Zara is always a good place to look for affordable fashionable accessories. This navy hat is really pretty and looks way more expensive than it is.

Which one is your favourite? Do you wear hats? If you live in a cold country like us beanies don’t count. They are not a fashion matter, they are essential for survival!

Moodboard: Morocco

30 Sep


We have to confess that Morocco was not very high on our bucket list. P. visited Casablanca a few years ago and came back with mixed feelings. I’ve never been to Morocco and never gave it a thought, to be honest. But recently, we’ve started reading about new hotel openings, camps in the dessert, crowded markets and lonely walks in the Atlas Mountains… and now we have the urge to visit and get to know Morocco.


What about you? Is Morocco on your bucket list? If so, stay tuned for Thursday because we will share with you something that might interest you ;)

Lorac Pro: the ultimate eye shadow palette

30 Sep

The search is over. Thanks to a friend of mine that travelled to the States a few weeks ago I’m finally the proud owner of a Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette. And I can’t be happier. It’s absolutely beautiful: eight shimmer and eight matte eye shadows that make me wonder if I ‘ll ever buy any other eye shadow again. Let’s have a closer look…
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mmm… Monday! Snickers and peanut butter muffins

29 Sep

I’ve been wanting to bake this recipe for a long time. Snikers are P.’s  favorite chocolate bar and I love baking muffins so I knew it was going to be a success. Now, I’m writing this post with a little bit of discomfort after eating way too many muffins. Auch. So, if you prepare them be aware: they can be addictive and it has consequences!
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Weekend style icons: Juliane

26 Sep

Good morning! Have you planed anything nice for the weekend? Whatever you do, we hope you have a great time. In style, obviously. So here you have a little bit of inspiration to look fantastic this weekend. Meet Juliane, a German blogger with a fashionable wardrobe and a serious case of Wanderlust. In fact, we discovered her blog through one of her dreamy travel posts!
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Amsterdam: the Western Canals.

25 Sep

Amsterdam_hood_15 This is our last post about our Amsterdam getaway but we’ve saved the best for last. Let us tell you about our favourite area of this beautiful city. Continue reading

Your new best friend

24 Sep


You may or may not have seen this picture in our instagram feed (@theslowpace). It was taken in Treviso airport a week ago. Do you see that little black thing? It’s called Tep and it has officially became our absolute travel essential item.  Tep is a pocket wifi device that gives you the possibility of blogging, sharing your pretty selfies on Instagram or checking your work E-Mails wherever you go.

You just book it, use it and return it. And you pay like a local on more that 100 destinations. When booking, you have to specify the dates and destination of your travel. You will receive the device a couple of days prior to your departure and you have to send it back up to four days after your return. If you live in the UK you can choose one of their drop off spots and just leave it there.

It’s ridiculously easy to use: no set up, no cables, nothing. You turn it on, insert the password in your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you are good to go. Super safe high speed internet. If you are a blogger, you can imagine the endless possibilities of Tep…

From now on Tep will be coming with us in all our trips. We can’t recommend it enough! And just so you know… this is not an sponsored post! We really really loved it! Book it here.

We need this! Emerson Fry Fall/ Winter 2014

24 Sep

emerson5Emerson Fry has been on our radar for a couple of years. They make wearable, beautiful collections that create by themselves the perfect wardrobe for the working woman. And let me emphasize the word woman. Their pieces are timeless, elegant and they claim to have the best USA quality.  The cuts and the subtle details make their looks perfectly polished. Here you have our favorite looks, if you’d like to see… Continue reading

Moodboard: Paris

23 Sep

moodboard_parisNow that Paris Fashion Week is here, we can’t help but remembering March last year, when we pretended we were street style photographers. We had a blast during a long weekend during Paris Fashion week. We stayed at a very pretty boutique hotel in the Latin Quarter, ate the most amazing burgers here, escaped from the FW madness wandering through the beautiful streets and squares of Paris while enjoying the first signs of Spring and we even had a night out!
moodboard_paris_2We would love to come back to Paris in Autumn, though. Crispy mornings with freshly baked croissants, long walks along the Seine… Oh and a day trip to Versailles! We’ve never been there but we sure we would love it! Who else is dreaming about Paris?

Autumn brunnette

23 Sep

BrunetteTwo weeks ago I decided to change my hair a little bit and I went a few shades darker. I thought that a silky rich chocolate-ish brown would be perfect for the new season. I don’t know why but when September comes I feel like I want to be a brunette. Summer is for sunkissed hair, but Autumn calls for soft hazelnut hair, right? At least that’s what I thought. These pictures found on Pinterest were my inspiration. So I took them to my hairdresser and he told me to go only a couple of shades darker. Let’s be cautious, he said. Well, he always is: the only hairdresser I know that only cuts 2 mm of hair if you say you want to cut just the split ends. Where I come from, if you say that they will cut 4 centimeters of your hair. At least. You may even lost your mane. Anyway, I went out of the salon all happy but the following day… well, I hated it. Epic fail. Instead of the warm autumnal glow I thought my new hair would give me I looked even paler. When I talked with my mum on Skype that night she didn’t even mentioned my hair. It is that bad. So I’m just waiting a little bit to go back to my kind of dark blond/caramel hair. It sounds prettier than it is, trust me, but that’s what suits me. No more brunette dreams for me. But I think that colour of hair is gorgeous and it would look perfect with tartan and velvet, that is, typical Autumn trends.  What do you think? Anyone has experienced something like that? Please tell me that I’m not the only one disappointed with her hair…

PS: These pictures got me thinking about bangs too but my hairdresser told me that my face would look EVEN fatter.


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