Hotel Skeppsholmen. Stockholm

26 Mar

Hotel_Skeppsholmen_20This is going to be a long post, we warn you. Grab a drink and discover with us this fantastic hotel in the center of Stockholm. We will show you its relaxed atmosphere, some pictures of the incredible food they serve in the restaurant and, of course, expect plenty of rambling about the breakfast buffet.
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Thinking about Summer…

25 Mar


Every year in May we head to the beach. A couple of years ago we spent the most wonderful time at Belavista Hotel in Algarve and last year we escaped to Ibiza and Formentera for a couple of weeks of pure relax. So at the moment we are planning this year’s beach getaway. The thing is that around this time of the year our muscles need sun, our skin needs a little bit of salt and our toes need sand. We long for the sound of the seagulls and the smell of coconut lotion mixed with the sea breeze. We basically need to fast forward to Summer. So what are we doing lately to keep up with this beachy anxiety? Look for flights and nice sandals.

You know we are all about basics and naturals. While browsing Reef’s website we’ve found some really nice numbers that are just right up our alley. We look for something nice, relaxed and comfortable. Just as Summers should be. And we’ve put together a selection for you (and for us):

1, 2, & 3 are the updated version of the old time classic flip flop. Adding a Missoni-esque strip, a tad of leo print and a lovely bright braid you’ll get a much nicer yet still simple sandal that paired with denim shorts and a white tee will give you the perfect nonchalant beachy look. Can you picture it? I’m sure you are getting the good vibrations…

4 & 6 are that step in the middle between the beach and the afternoon ice cream with friends. Multitasking sandals: an excellent choice for a hand luggage only getaway.

5 is an unexpected Celine alike pair of sandals that combined with a black cotton dress will help you achieve a minimalist modern look.

Finally, 7 & 8 are the cutest shoes for those morning walks to the market, day trips or casual light dinners al fresco. Denim dresses are going to be the big hit of this Summer and both these options would be their perfect couple.

So now we still have to decide our destination. We are thinking Greek islands… Any recommendations?

PS: This post was sponsored by Reef. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make The slow pace possible.

Moodboard: Crete

24 Mar

Moodboard_CreteA few years ago we spent a couple of wonderful weeks in Greece. We stayed in Athens, we visited a tiny inland village, attended a wedding and then we headed to Mykonos for a few days. It was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. The kind of experience we will cherish forever. Since then we’ve always wanted to go back to Greece. Now we happen to have a direct flight to Crete and, well, it seems like the best opportunity to get to know the largest island in Greece.
Moodboard_Crete_2The cultural heritage, the landscapes, the architecture, the food and the warm Greek hospitality make Crete a very tempting destination. The only problem I see is that there’s so much to do that we will need at least a couple of weeks to explore the island and unfortunately we don’t have that much time. But we we would love to see the Venetian houses in Chania, hike the White Mountains, spend a few days enjoying the Mediterranean Sea, visit the Palace of Knossos and experience a beautiful sunset while dining in a traditional caique. Sigh!

Anyone out there dreaming about Crete too?

The best meatballs in Stockholm

23 Mar

Swedish meatballs_Bakfickan_4We don’t want to be that kind of people who visit a place for the first time and immediately become experts. Nop. That’s not us. But in our very first visit to Stockholm we ate the best meatballs that the city has to offer. We are not exaggerating, we really found the best meatballs. After researching for a while, reading some guides and browsing Twitter (that’s today’s scientific research) we discovered this small place where we realized that IKEA has been fooling us this whole time. Those things you eat when you spend your Saturday buying unnecessary kitchen accessories and cool napkins are not Swedish meatballs.

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The classics

18 Mar

basicsJenna Lyons is our ultimate style icon so her style tips and recommendations are our wardrobe Bible. Yesterday we were browsing the JCrew page (as usual) and we found her selection of classic pieces. We weren’t surprised: timeless basic items that we all can wear, no matter where we live our what we do. She included the following staples in her list and we thought it would be fun to share and find out which classics should we own:

- The navy suit: checked! We have a couple of navy suits by The Kooples. Not your average suit maybe… but they are lovely.

- The blazer: checked! We have the classic black version, the navy version, the red version and even a striped version. We’ve been looking for a white version for a while now but it’s a difficult task. White fabrics are naughty.

- The jean jacket: checked! We have a very old jacket that we would love to call vintage, but it would be stupid. It’s simply old.

- The red lip: checked! While P. is not a fan, I’d say it’s one of my signature looks. Maybe I should do a post about my red lipstick collection…

- The stripe shirt: checked! Our favorite stripe shirts are these ones from COS.

- The tote: oh – oh. We need a good classic tote. This one from JCrew is fantastic.

- The V-neck tee: checked! We are crazy about the Jacksonville tee by American Vintage.

- The strappy sandal: checked! Sadly, we don’t get much wear out of these. German weather. Ugh!

- The cashmere tee: too high mantenance for us. We know it’s an investment piece but we hate hand washing.

- The white sneaker: checked! We love our custon made Stan Smiths, we struggle with white Supergas and we’ve bought a fair amount of white Converses in the last years.

- The trench: checked! I love mine, P. love hers.

- The broken – in chino: Dear Jenna, we’ll have to agree to desagree on this one.

- The button-down shirt: checked! We can’t live without a white shirt. Cos has great basic white shirts with a twist. I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for light blue shirts, though.

- The boyfriend jean: checked! Lazy dressers like us have at least couple of boyfriend jeans in their wardrobes.

We’ll add three more items to the list: a nice pair of black pants, a pointy mid heel black shoe and a grey sweater. What about you? How many classics have you checked?

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Messy hair

17 Mar

messySince we chopped our manes we are bonkers for that effortless messy hair look. The only problem is that it actually takes a lot of effort. We basically fake the #iwokeuplikethis with an hour of curling, treating and messing. I know, I know, we shouldn’t admit that we go through all that, but hey, we are humans and we do not wake up like this. If you do, don’t read any further. However, if you need some help in the mornings and you have frizzy hair some days and ridiculously straight hair the rest of the time, have a look at this products that we’ve tested and we use regularly to achieve a natural messy hair look:

Bumble and Bumble hair (un)dressing crème: apply a tiny amount through damp hair. It gives you a rough texture so don’t overdo it. Work with your hands, mess around and let it sit. It gives you that “I’ve just spent a day at the beach” allure.

Oribe Dry texturizing Spray: this product is absolutely amazing. It makes your hair look perfectly messy, with the right amount of volumen and second day hair texture. It’s exactly what you need during those days when your hair is just crazy or absolutely bland. If I had to choose one styling product to use for the rest of my life, this would be it.

And if nothing works, a messy pony tail it is!

PS. A quick solution for a bad hair day and a cute top knot.

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Chocolate chip cookies bake off

16 Mar

chocolate_chips_cookies_1 Last week we ate a lot of cookies. A LOT. But it was for research, so it’s ok. We wanted to know which super blogger had the most amazing chocolate cookie recipe and so we baked Emily’s and Naomi’s chocolate chip cookies and tested the results afterwards. Oh the things we do for the blog! Welcome to our first bake off!  Continue reading

Off to Stockholm!

12 Mar

travelWe are really excited because we are going to spend the weekend in Stockholm! We’ll be back on Monday with a chocolate chip cookie bake off, but until then, here you have some posts to read and feed your wanderlust!

Out & about Carnaby Street and Vesterbro.

A hotel devoted to literature in Madrid.

The best corners of Padova.

A cool loft plus the best street market in Amsterdam.

Our favorite neighbourhood in London and our last discovery.

Ibiza’s top picks with a side of Formentera.

The best trattoria in Vicenza.

Our dream destination.

The best hotel we’ve ever been to.

And, of course, Venice.

PS. care to join us on Instagram or Twitter for a few Stockholm updates?

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The right clothes for a woman in her 30s

11 Mar

gd2As much as we love casual clothing, sometimes we need to dress up a little bit to attend work related meetings and events. We are lucky enough to work in creative atmospheres where the strict corporate look is not necessary. However, being lazy dressers ourselves is quite easy to end up wearing jeans, flats and sweaters most of the time (guilty as charged). But Spring is coming and we are determined willing to make an effort. Better temperatures always cheer us up and make us want to step up our game, even at the office. But what to wear? We are in our 30s so we have to look the part… Well, take a look at these Gerard Darel proposals. We think they are right choice for a working woman in her 30s. Continue reading

The most helpful concealers

10 Mar

Concealers We have dark circles. Even more on Monday mornings. And if we have any important meeting, nice trip or super photographed event, then we will have a pimple or two. And some redness around the nose. That’s why you’ll always find some kind of concealer in our make up bag. We’ve put together a list of our favorite weapons against tired faces and small imperfections:

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: this has been the last addition to our concealer stock. After reading so many wonderful reviews about it we finally give in. The super creamy formula gives a medium to high coverage but a little bit goes a long way. With a tiny amount of product you’ll have a much brighter complexion and, as the name suggests, your face will look radiant. It’s very important, though, that you blend it really well. I like to apply it under my eyes drawing an inverted triangle and blend away to make my eyes look brighter and more awake. Just be careful and don’t overdo it!

YSL Touch Éclat: this is the only product we will take to a desert island. Apart from shower gel and SPF, that is. We’ve been using it for years now and while it’s not a proper concealer, we’ve decided to include it in this post because there’s no better product to look your best. It reflects light like no other and, therefore, helps reduce fine lines, improves your skin tone in just a click and makes fatigue disappear completely. Put it on the inside corners of your eyes, around the corners of your nose and mouth. Pat it gently into your skin and you will see how you instantly look like a million dollars.

Broad Spectrum SPF20 concealer by Bare Minerals:  this was the first concealer we bought and, even though the application can be quite tricky, it’s a light way to get the no makeup feel. Its medium to full coverage is redness’ nemesis. We recommend it specially for those combination to dry skin types because, since it has SPF 20, it could be a little bit uncomfortable for oily complexions. Use a tiny amount and blend to avoid a cakey finish.

Boi-ing by Benefit: this gets the job done. If you have seriously dark circles, this is for you. The ultimate concealer. It’s really easy to work with and its peachy shade covers absolutely everything while still looking light. It’s also quite longlasting so it’s perfect for work days or long nights.

While we prefer applying concealer with our clean fingers to achieve a more natural look, we have added two concealer brushes to this list: the Bare Minerals Maximum Coverage Concealer brush and the Sephora Concealer brush (similar here). These brushes will give you more coverage so if you really need to hide something, they will be a great addition to your make up bag.

Any other concelaer we should know about? To be honest, we have our eyes (or should we say dark circles?) on Charlotte Tilbury’s Retoucher


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