Weekend style icons: Kayla

30 Jan

not1The weather this week has been COLD. We have a couple of very warm coats that are really practical but, let’s face it, they make us look like Eskimos. While looking for some coats online (let’s see if we can find something super warm yet stylish. Difficult task!) we discovered Kayla’s blog, Not your standard. Apparently she lives in Berlin, so she has to understand the terrible German weather, and she has a quite impressive coat collection. Besides, she is the epitome of beautiful glowy skin. Winter inspiration much? Continue reading

Out and about in Vesterbro

29 Jan

Vesterbro_2Vesterbro is the hipster area of Copenhagen so that means it is probably the hipsterest place on Earth (apart from Austin, Texas). You would expect beards, plaid shirts and lots of bikes. Well, you’ll find thousands of bikes, but that’s normal in Copenhagen. However, no abundance of beards or obvious trends in sight. Oh no. They are cooler than that.

Subtle, relaxed and extremely polite. That’s Vesterbro.
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We need this! Alexa Chung for AG Jeans

28 Jan

agIf you don’t live under a rock you’ll know that Alexa Chung has created a collection for AG Jeans. To be honest, I don’t know if I really like it or if I like it because it has the Alexa Chung’s stamp on it. Does this only happen to me? Well, I guess this blurry line between what we really like and the aspirational image we dream for ourselves is what makes this kind of collaborations between brands and “It girls” so successful.
In any case, besides the slightly overpriced basic tees there are a few pieces I would love to add to my Spring / Summer wardrobe, being the sweatshirt that she is wearing in the picture above one of them. The collection has a few denim dresses that are pretty cool: this loose fit dress looks super comfortable and sweet. I love Alexa’s naive allure and that dress ticks that box. On the other hand, this little number will be ideal for Summer nights and has a Man Repeller feel to it, don’t you think? (Picture it with statement accessories and you can have a Leandra Medine’s kind of look). Finally this retro inspired dress is the epitome of Alexa’s style, and I’ll admit that’s why it’s my favourite.
What do you think about this collection? Would you buy something? And if so, would you buy any of these pieces if you saw them in H&M or Zara? Are we only seduced by the personality of these “It girls” or do we really like their work? Let us know in the comment section!

The must-haves

27 Jan

mac_brushes_2So these three brushes have been with me for 12 years. It seems incredible, right? Well, I bought them with one of my firts paychecks. After a terrible night in a lonely office frantically translating a report that had to be ready in the morning I got a juicy paycheck that didn’t last long. On my way back home I headed to a famous department store and bought presents for my mum and my grandparents. Then, with the money I got left, I went to the MAC counter and bought two absolutely flashy eyeshadows, individual eye lashes (some of them golden!) and these three brushes. Continue reading

5 things that should be mandatory in every hotel

22 Jan

Staying in a beautiful hotel is a wonderful experience. We have been lucky enough to stay in some wonderful boutique hotels but there is always room for improvement. These are 5 things we would love to find in every single hotel:

- Milk and cookies in the room service menu. This should be absolutely mandatory. How many times have you arrived at a lovely hotel late at night, exhausted yet a little bit peckish and all you wanted was a nice comforting glass of milk and cookies before crawling into bed? Never? Oh well, we have experienced that craving lots of times. Milk and cookies is just the perfect midnight snack and I’m sure lots of guests will appreciate it!

- A little courtesy room for that ackward moment when you pick your luggage after making the most of your last morning in your destination and want to rearrange your suitcases. Sometimes you have to do it in the middle of the lobby and it’s not gracious, to say the least. We remember a particularly embarrasing moment when we had to squeeze two HUGE Selfridges bags into our trolleys in the lobby of our beloved Mandeville Hotel in London. Not nice, not nice… Let’s say that even the Concierge was embarrased. In our defense: what else can you do on your last couple of hours a Monday morning in London? Shopping!

- A clear breakfast menu: early morning after a great night sleep. You are feeling super hungry and head to that wonderful hotel breakfast. You are excited to try every single thing but have a shy look (because we all get shy in moments like these), pick a few things and look for a nice little table. You feel like the American movie nerd in the high school cafeteria. Then you start seeing wonderful eggs benedict flying to other tables. After a while you see that your neighbour is sipping a foamy capuccino. Why hasn’t anybody told you that you could ask for egg benedicts and drink sophisticated coffe!!!??? You are sleepy and you need everything clearly stated!!!

- More and better located bathroom hangers: what do you do when you don’t want to keep your towels (because after all you care for the environment) but there are simply no hangers to tidily hang your towels? And if there are any hangers, why are they on the opposite side of the bathroom far far away from the shower?

- Free Wi-Fi. I mean, 2015… and you still charge for Wi-Fi???

What about you? Is there anything you’d like to add?

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Nars love or the Christmas surprise

21 Jan

Maybe it’s a little too late for this post (bearing in mind that this morning we were already talking about our Spring wardrobe wishlist) but I love this Nars palette so much that I can’t help myself. This was a special Christmas edition and I didn’t expect to find it under the tree but there it was! The Laser Cut eye, cheek and lip palette. Compact, beautiful and full of possibilities. What intrigued me the most was the famous Laguna bronzing powder. It was finally mine to try…
I have no cheeckbones. Well, I guess I must have them, otherwise my face would be like a round ameba, but you can’t really notice. My face is round like a plate. The kind of round face that can’t pull off a short bob, the kind of round face that doesn’t fit in a selfie. Anyway, I had tried to contour before but it was impossible to make my cheekbones stand out, at least not with my limited make up artist skills. But! A little bit of that Laguna bronzer and voilà! A barely but definitely there cheekbone! It really is miraculous. All those reviews I had read were absolutely truthful. It is magic.
The palette also has a beautiful lip gloss called Dolce Vita which feels and looks super natural and a subtle blush called Day Dream. Pair that blush with the bronzer, add a touch of highlighter and you will not recognize your face. In a good way, that is.
The eye shadows are limited edition as well and oddly enough the colour that has made me fall in love has been the shimmery golden brown that you can see in the middle. It’s just perfect to highlight the inner corner of my eyes. The matte light beige is a good base and the matte army green is surprisingly easy to combine. Not a colour that I would have chosen but definitely a nice option for a different smoky eye.

So my advice today: if you still find it, buy it.

We need this! Maje New Arrivals

21 Jan

maje1We know, we know… Winter is still here and it will be around for a couple of months more but everytime we receive Maje‘s newsletter with their new arrivals we get excited. Always. We adore this brand.
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Moodboard: Berlin

20 Jan

Moodboard_Berlin_1In April we’ll be attending The Hive and we couldn’t be more excited! Are you coming too? We can not wait to meet fellow bloggers, learn the secrets of a few influencers and share our passion while networking. Besides, we get to revisit Berlin! You should know that we were surprisingly disappointed the first time we visited Berlin. I guess we had heard so much about it that our expectations were really high. So let’s hope this time we finally see what all the fuss is about. That is, if we have a little time between conferences and workshops.

Moodboard_Berlin_2We are looking for accommodation so feel free to leave your suggetions in the comment section. That means: please share with us your traveller secrets! We are looking for a design boutique hotel or appartment. Something different and charming… Is that too much to ask? ;) And if you know where to find the perfect Currywurst we will really appreciate it!

mmm… Monday! Broccoli, pea and basil soup

19 Jan

Broccoli_soup_4A couple of months ago we bought the famous healthy recipe book by the Hemsley sisters, The art of eating well, and since then we have tried some of their recipes in an attempt to eat more greens and step up our healthy lifestyle game. Well, the recipes are surprisingly good! They cauliflower crust pizza has become our absolute favourite dinner treat and the courgetti puttanesca are simply amazing. We are not going to lie: real pasta and cheesy pizza are better. But these options are healthier and they taste remarkably good as well. So, since it’s all about balance… why not including these better for you versions in your weekly menu? And then you can have chocolate for pudding. That’s what balanced diet means, right?
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Weekend style icons: Labèriane

16 Jan

thblab2Hello Friday! This week has gone by miraculously fast. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but… Anyway! Here we are with a little bit of fashion inspiration for the weekend. Labèriane is the girl behind  The Blab, a pretty cool site we discovered not so long ago. Wait for edgy outfits, different cuts and Carine Rotifeld-esque kind of looks. Continue reading


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