Weekend style icons: Clara

21 Nov

twg1We found Clara’s blog this week and we just can’t get enough! She is a Parisian mum of 3 (3!!!), runs her own company and has an outstanding style. We want to be like her! Mayor closet envy. Lots of high quality basics, neutral colours, flats and bold lips. And don’t get us started on her bag collection… Clara, we love you!!! Continue reading

Christmas in Venice

20 Nov

The days before Christmas are an excellent time to visit Venice. The city is almost empty, the cold and the mist give the canals a surreal atmosphere and the Christmas decorations are subtle and elegant. Venice is also a great shopping destination and there are lots of lovely boutiques where you can buy the most charming Christmas presents for your loved ones. Here you have our tips for an unforgettable Christmas getaway in Venice:

1. Savour a nice piece of tiramisù or a meringata at Melita (Castello 1000, Fondamenta Sant’Anna) and then walk the calories away in the lonely Giardini Publici. Go back to the city center through the Riva dei Sette Mártiri to enjoy the best views of the Venetian Lagoon. In the distance you will spot the Campanile and San Giorgo island playing hide and seek with the fog.

2. You will need a hat because the wind will freeze your ears! You can find the most beautiful (and fancy) hats in Longo (San Marco 4813, Calle del Lovo) or Daniele (San Polo 2235, Calle Scaleter).

3. Visit one of the fabric show rooms that still work according to Fortuny’s designs and methods: Tessuti artistici Fortuny (Giudeca 805, Fondamenta San Biagio) or Venetia Studium (San Marco 2403, Calle Larga XXII Marzo).

4. Look for antiques in the different hidden street markets. Campo San Maurizio, Campo Santa María Nova and Via Garibaldi host lovely antiques markets. This is how we got our beautiful Venetian mirrors!

5. Admire the Christmas lights in Piazza San Marco and along Rialto bridge. Don’t expect a Christmas extravaganza, just subtle twinkling light. Venice doesn’t need much to look festive.

6.Buy a pair of leather gloves. There are lots of nice shops where you can buy them but we would suggest Sermoneta (San Marco, Calle Larga XXII Marzo, 2400/a). Once your hands are warm and all dress up, go for an aperitivo and some tasty cicheti. Our favourite place is Al Marcà (San Polo 213, Campo Bella Vienna). You have to stay al fresco (but really fresco!) because the place is tiny. That’s why the gloves will come in handy!

7. Try to book tickets for La Fenice. It really doesn’t matter what you choose: opera, ballet o a concert. It will be mesmerazing. If you are planning a trip from 22.11 to 06.12 you can enjoy Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra or La Traviata. Verdi at La Fenice… cliché? Maybe, but it will be unforgettable. I would love to attend the show that Roberto Bolle and some soloists from the American Ballet Theater will be performing next 28th November!

8. Explore some of Venice’s secret gardens. Difficult to find but so mysterious and special. We will give you just one name: Giardino di Palazzo Soranzo Capello. The others… well, the experience is always better if you discovered them by chance!

9. Book a fancy dinner at Da Fiore (San Polo 2202a, Calle del Scaleter) or a more traditional lunch at Alla Madonna (San Polo 594, Calle della Madonna).

10. Admire Cartier’s windows. That’s a little tradition of our own.

We need this! AB ANGULAR

19 Nov

AB ANGULAR 01We’ve been collaborating with Antonio Bayona since 2012 and we always get super excited everytime their launch a new line. Today we can finally share with you their fabulous new collection. And oh it’s pretty! Tiny dainty handmade jewellery inspired by geometry. Disclaimer: after reading this post you will feel the urge to buy one of these pieces. Just saying. But scroll down to know how to get a 15% off ;)
Continue reading

Moodboard: Zurich

18 Nov

moodboard_zurich_1We have to confess that we’ve been listening to Christmas carols and tunes all weekend. And once we’ve heard All I want for Christmas is you, there’s no going back. For us, it’s already Christmas. In a few weeks we’ll be preparing our suitcases to visit our family for Chistmas because that’s what you do when you are an expat. But we secretly want to spent this Christmas in Zurich. Chocolate, Chistmas market and snow? What more can you ask for? Well, family and friends. That’s why we will be travelling to Spain ;) But a Christmas city break in Zurich… Oh, wouldn’t it be nice?

Kérastase Nutritive: Oldie but goodie

18 Nov

Kerastase_ShampooI have fine dry frizzy hair and I live in a country where it rains all the time. I know that you are sending your condolences right know. Thank you. Besides, I colour my hair. So the situation is even worse. After my brunette fiasco I’ve come back to my usual dark blonde/ caramel hair but I’ve noticed my poor little mane is quite damaged. That’s when Kérastase comes back into my bathroom. I know their products are the bomb, but somehow I get distracted by other new brands and end up buying flashy promising new products and forgetting the old good Kérastase. I should have been faithful though, because their Nutritive Line is the only one who soothes my hair. I’ve been using it again for the last couple of weeks and I already feel the difference. I’m not saying that it’s miraculous, but my hair looks and feels certainly healthier. And it smells amazing. It’s not an exotic scent, it’s just a comforting clean aroma that feels like coming back home. Their range of products is huge so I’m sure there is something for you, whether you are the lucky owner of brilliant, healthy straight locks or you suffer from a greasy I-just-do-what-I- want mane. This brand will improve your hair for sure. And if you are like me and your hair goes all crazy with a slightly amount of humidity, try this product from the Discipline collection. I’m just testing it, so no final thoughts here, but it sure has done a great job this last week…

mmm… Monday! Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

17 Nov

Torvehallerme_6During the last years, Copenhagen has been the ultimate destination for foodies. With the world famous Noma at the head of its gastronomic scene, Copenhagen was the place to go for avantgard cuisine. While Lima is claring a path with its Andean fusion, Copenhagen seems reluctant to give the floor to the Peruvian capital. One of the best places to get to enjoy the flavours of Copenhagen is Torvehallerne, the bigest food market in the city. We’ve already taken you to Borough Market and told you about our favourite Italian street markets, so you know we love a good stroll through the stalls!
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Heidelberg at sunset

13 Nov

Heidelberg_sunset_3Today, just a few more pictures of our trip to Heidelberg. A beautiful Autumn sunset. Continue reading

We need this! Hoss Intropia

12 Nov

h2We are struggling here. We don’t want to start talking about Christmas yet, but look what arrived to our mailbox today: The new collection of Hoss Intropia, perfect for a casual, relaxed but really fancy Christmas. Continue reading

Autumn table

12 Nov

Autumn_table_10While we can’t stop thinking about Christmas, we know we should stick to the present and enjoy what is left from Autumn. We’ve been having the most amazing weather lately: cold crispy air and bright blue skies. This year Autumn is more beautiful than ever! And to celebrate that, we’ve prepared a lovely but very simple Autumn table to inspire you. Gather a couple of friends and enjoy a cosy lunch at home! Continue reading

Natural Autumn Make up

11 Nov

Clarins_Make_upIf you follow us (which you should) you already know that we are a tiny bit addicted to Clarins. We love their approach to beauty and their sublime yet natural shades. So, before everyone gets crazy about Christmas special editions, let’s take a moment to admire their beautiful Autumn collection. As soon as I saw that eye shadow I knew I had to have it. I know, I know, I said I would never buy any new eye shadow again but this one is the perfect brownish / taupe / greyish colour. It really is. And you apply it with your finger. Simple as that! It’s a cream to powder texture that looks beautifully matte and delightfully subtle. So, it has it all: quick application, perfect colour and dreamy texture. It’s the shade Rosewood and it’s been my go to eye shadow this month.

And talking about natural and appealing shades, I can’t recommend you the Rouge Eclat lipstick enough. We got it in Strawberry sorbet, which far from being a bright Summer pink as the name would suggest, it’s the most amazing barely there natural shade. (And yes, you got it right: we both got it) But that beautiful colour is not its only virtue: it claims to protect lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, it has Vitamin E that protects against free radicals and 100% plant waxes which provide instant comfort. Well, all those words mean that it’s supposed to be anti-aging. I will tell you if it is in a couple of years, but it sure feels great when you apply it and it’s silky but not sticky. It’s fantastic. I’m thinking about getting it in Passion Red for Christmas…


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